Auction Information Manager

We have recently partnered with datakatch to create the Auction Information Manager. The Auction Information Manager is a fully OFT compliant platform which takes onsite & in-room auction documentation, registrations, bidding paddles, scribing and statistics and puts it all on an online platform.

Agents can access their information from anywhere at any time!

We have completely embraced the use of technology in an effort to simplify, automate and improve business processes for

Real Estate Agents across NSW.

What are the benefits of using the Auction Information Manager?

• Prospective bidders can pre-register online via an agency-branded Auction Pre-Registration System, meaning you will have a better indication of expected attendee’s

• Your agency will get a Custom branded ePaddle & RealTime Viewer to ensure that YOUR brand is the one being promoted.

• Highest bid will be displayed on registered bidders interactive ePaddles, enabling continued momentum at your auctions

• Staff can work simultaneously with their personalised logins allowing multiple agents to register and access information at any one time.

• Online scribing system which will live feed all bids onto the interactive ePaddles, and ensure all bids are time and date stamped

• Phone bidders & individuals can remotely monitor bids and livestream the auction with our state of the art Auction RealTime Viewer

• Offices are assisted in adhering to all legislative compliance requirements by having compulsory fields built into the system

• Auction Information & Results are stored in the system for 5 years

We offer a 12 Months Subscription for only $440 inc GST!

If you would like to find out more, please follow the link to:

or contact us today on (02) 9252 8577.